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A psychological voyage into the mind of Jim, a young, confidence lacking student arriving at university to pursue his passion – to study behavioral ecology - the evolutionary basis for animal behavior through ecological changes. Jim is an individual who, despite his desire to “belong” and “to be accepted” by others, instinctively withdraws himself from any form of social life and is afraid to reach out to others. He feels secure in his loneliness, surrounded by his mute "friends": his various insect specimens and books. The story starts as Jim meets his new flatmate, Matt, who just happens to be his polar opposite – a charming, talkative, and seemingly easy-going guy. Matt is a person Jim has always wanted to be but for whom he also harbors disdain, perceiving him as superficial, obnoxious, and forceful. Despite Matt's perfect exterior, he soon becomes a symbol of the absolute imperfection in Jim's eyes. Being aware of his own oddity is what gnaws at Jim's consciousness. He hides behind a facade of what he believes to be “normality”, and as a result gets more engaged in the vivid life of his would-be idol flatmate, maybe a touch too much. Lost in this strange world, Jim is gradually unable to distinguish between reality and fantasies; dreams and nightmares... The story, interwoven with horror elements, questions normality vs abnormality, as well as the meanings of fundamental values such as friendship, love, and burning passion – are they overestimated in our lives? Are they intrinsic to our success or ultimate downfall? It also poses other disquieting questions on significance vs insignificance of one’s existence (do you matter at all or are you just the average "ant in an ant-heap"?); temporariness vs ephemeral beauty – (is it more satisfying in life to be an admired, but short-lived butterfly, rather than a nasty larva thanks to whom the beauty may shine?). The question also stands – will an everlasting hunger for knowledge finally eat you away?

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